Monday, September 5, 2011

Most plants and animals adhere to a seasonal pattern of feeding and reproduction. Fish and other ocean bound animals are no exception. Most of the fish that you get from Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC) spend the summer getting fat on the abundant prey of herring, sand eels, lobsters, juvelnile fish etc., that abound in our rich ewaters in the the summer months. That is why I find that fish tastes the best in the fall. Or shall I say fish feels the best in the fall, because really the difference is in the texture of the fish as much as any difference in the flavor of the fish.

One of the great things I have learned since I've been getting CAFC shares is how very different the same fish can taste at different times of the year. Again, its more of a texture difference than a taste difference, but once you have one of those sublime meals that are part and parcel of the CAFC experience, you'll know exactly what I mean. (I hope!)

For me personally, fall is when most of the fish are at their finest. I also find that New England's other land based harvest foods pair exceptionally well with fresh seafood. Its the best time of year to enjoy the hard work of the sun!

Healthy oceans and a secure source of day-boat fresh seafood are not guaranteed! Part of supporting a Community Supported Fishery is lending your voice to support the values you are supporting. If you care about CAFC please consider taking the pledge to support a diverse fleet. A critical vote to stop rapid uncontrolled consolidation of the local fleet is taking place in three weeks. Please consider signing a pledge to support your local community based fishermen.